RSS Feed of Fri, 22 Jun 18 16:59:52 +0200 en Redesign Lausitzer Rundschau is one of the first newspaper websites that is using HTML5 semantics and CSS3 features. They publish up to 500 new articles online, on a daily basis. Redesigning was by far the most extensive project i've ever done. Writing more then 10000 lines of html, css and javascript code spread out to nearly 500 templates for the fidion CMS.

The website is designed with a fluid/responsive layout. So the page adjusts it's width and other properties to fit the whole screen depending on which device you are using. Althought there are some issues with externally deliverred advertisements which we cannot process with the current state of technology. Thats also the reason the page is not w3c valid :(

Please check the live page to see everything in action: ]]>,33
ibt - ingenieurbüro thierfelder vertorized Logo with several variants and the business-mail masters.

Go to the Website:]]>,32
Nacht der kreativen Köpfe Lego-Robots, helicopter landing plattforms and train assembly. Great oppertunity to take some pictures of otherwise unseen footage.

Photo Gallery:
Nacht der kreativen Köpfe]]>,31
Back from Thailand Bangkok for a few days. Flew to Surat Thani to Ko Samui and to Ko Pangan to attend to the Full Moon Party in Haad Rin... Quite a big show but very commercial. Then again back to Surat Thani and to Krabi (Phuket). Stayed a few days, visiting Ko Phi Phi Le and the James Bond Island and then got back to Bangkok by train. Awwweeeeesome trip!

The Pictures:
Gallery: Thailand 2010]]>,30
Blogging plattform for our transsib trip drupal for my next years trip from Moscow to Peking on the Transsiberean. I'm trying to use facebook, twitter, and flickr api's to be able to update the blog completely via phone. It's yet to be seen, if this works in the siberean tundra :)

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Campus Open Air 2010 – at BTU Cottbus Campus Party at the BTU Cottbus. Several bands like My New Zoo or She's All That played for free in front of a thousand people+ . It´s a pitty that they had to end the gig at exactly 0:00 o'clock due to loud noise restrictions in Cottbus …

Photo Gallery:
BTU Campus Open Air - Laut gegen Nazis
More on "Laut gegen Nazis"]]>,28
Infographic Deutsche Bahn Deutsche Bahn is currently upgrading the railroad track from Lübbenau to Königs Wusterhausen. Which means a lot of trouble for local commuters. We quickly gathered all the information about alternating buslines and replacement trains and put it all together in this infographic.

Flash Application:
Infographic Deutsche Bahn]]>,27
TreeSpark Logo Design treeSpark. The symbol used is supposed to be tree crown which is struck by a bolt of lightning.

Additional stuff:
TreeSpark design stages
Positive Negative Study]]>,26
Infographic on how to make a pilgrimage through the Lausitz Flash work todo lately :) So here's a new one.

It's a map which shows the route of two journalists who are making a pilgrimage through the Lausitz! What an epic adventure!!! They started off in a Town called Briescht walking over 140 km to Torgau.

The map enables you to keep track of their current position, read their blog on an external website.

Flash Application:
Infographic Pilgrimage through the Lausitz]]>,25
Landratswahlen Lausitz three local TV Stations and a lot of editorial input. We've made a short video interview with every "landrats" candidate and combined it with other usefull information into a clean and minimal infographic. Offering a great decision guidance for the voters.

Flash Application:
Landratswahlen Lausitz 2010]]>,24
Vacation to Turkey New Years Eve with my friends at the Mediterranean Sea in Side, Turkey. No fancy fireworks and 20 degrees celsius... in winter. It was totally worth it :) great people, great landscapes and the best meals i've ever ate in my whole life. I obviously had to take a lot of pictures. Have fun!

Vacation in Turkey]]>,23
Lausitzer Seenland flash map of the Lausitzer Seenland. Using an XML configuration file to dynamically create points of interest, filled with text and pictures. The 3d map is actually an aerial photography, pimped up with a little photoshopping. The whole project was used for print in the Lausitzer Rundschau Newspaper and online.

Flash Application:
Lausitzer Seenland - Interactive Flash Version]]>,22
Trip to Hamburg Twitter and social media trends while attending to the Scoopcamp09 in Hamburg. Oh and I also found some spare time to roam around and take some night shoots, eat labskaus and enjoy the stiff breeze in the harbour. Please check out my new Hamburg gallery.

Photo Gallery:
Trip to Hamburg]]>,21
Sonne Mond Sterne X3 Sonne Mond Sterne X3. Three days a year the Bleiloch-Talsperre Saalburg turns into germanys largest festival for electronic music. Hosting acts like The Prodigy, Booka Shade, Fatboy Slim, and Deichkind.

I took some photos and wrote a little report for localido.

SMS.X3 Photo Galleries:
SMS.X3 Part 1 - SMS.X3 Part 2 - SMS.X3 Part 3]]>,20
EuroSpeedway Lausitz Flash animation and ActionScript programing skills. It is illustrating the EuroSpeedway Lausitz an east-german racetrack.

The values in the red flags depict the maximum velocity thats possible in the curves. The graphic also show a table with dtm-pilots and the cars they use.

Interactive Flash File]]>,19
Land-und-Laune lifestyle-country magazine called "Land und Laune". It is covering up topics like organic food, animals, living inthe countryside, survival guides and so on. In addition to the layout I created this sign-up formular. It's used to order the magazine directly via internet.

Read the First Issu Online:
Land und Laune Issu #1
visit the website]]>,18
Castle-Eastside-Jam Hip-Hop festival homepage. While working on it I used two stockimages from which is by far the most creative and independent stockdatabase out there! Go See for yourself.]]>,17 Layout - GermanBelt GermanBelt.

A friend of mine was responsible for programing and I did the layout. Took us about a month to get everything up and running. I also did some Photos for GermanBelt which were used in an Ebay shop later.

Visit Website]]>,16 I used this layout as my personal online portfolio from 2007 until now.

I've put most of my efforts in keeping the page as lightweight as possible. W3c conform xHtml1.0 coding - done completely by hand and in Editplus.

As I am a huge fan of Creative Commons. I decided to released my work for use in non-comercial projects.

visit Homepage]]>,15
Gallery: FilmFestival Cottbus The Cottbuser Altmarkt is being dimmed into an atmospheric blue lightscape. Time for everyone, including me, to take some pictures. One of them even made it onto the cover of 20cent-pocket, november issue.
Now that's something special! :D

Photos: Film Festival]]>,14
Gallery: Chop Suey! hypersharp japanese kitchen knifes and before I was going to use them (and mess them up) I had to take some pictures :) They actually turned out to be really photogenic.

Photos: Japanese Knifes]]>,13
Gallery: Ford Focus ST 225PS and all those fancy features I actually have no clue about :). Well at least it's very photogenic so we made a short trip and had a great photoshooting in the rain, which made the cars color even more attractive.

Photos: Ford Focus ST]]>,12
Gallery: In the Meadow one single sunstroke lighted the scene at the beginning.

But thanks to some photoshopping we still got some quite nice shots :)

Photos: Down in the Meadow]]>,11
Stadtfest 2008
There are no big crowds = enough space to jump around while taking your pictures and beautiful lighting conditions no matter where you point your lens :)

Photos: Stadtfest Cottbus 2008]]>,10
Media Operator Exam media operator now ... what an honor :)

Here's a rendering of what I had to do. It's an advert folder for a hotel, which itself is an inlay for a magazine :)

Print: Media Operator Exam]]>,9
Tonstudium V2 flyer-design for some friends who organised a party with electronic music called Tonstudium. The theme of spring was predetermined so I went for some flowery background and vector blossoms.

The picture you see on the right is actually not a photo. It's made in 3d Studio Max because I don't have turntables :P

Print: Tonstudium V2
Print: Tonstudium V1]]>,8
Panorama Lounge Concept Cocktail Bar in Senftenberg. The bars main idea is, that you are sitting in Senftenbergs highest building.

So you´ve got a wonderful view all around the cityscape. I tried to implement this in the overall Logo Design.

The font is Bauhaus'93 quite common in lounge based projects.]]>,7
Blubfish strikes back! vampire fish is back!

And he's got a new toy!!! SUNGLASSES because as you all know, sun even shines under water!]]>,6
Trip to London Lens used: mostly 28mm 1.8 Prime Lens.

Photography: London

I recommend Part III, which includes some nice blue hour shots :)]]>,5
Sch00l Again fishbowl filled with seabed ... and some old wrecks.

Actually it's an Infographic showing some facts about those wrecks. Like it's depth, size and location.

Print: Infographic Fishbowl]]>,4
School Projects school is finally over, I'm able to upload some stuff I did there.

First there is a flyer (yey again) for some imaginary vineyard and the appropriate logo.

Print: Flyer-Vineyard
Print: Logo-Vineyard

Second is a brochure for some catering service. Which includes some sheets that are exchangeable.
No fancy 3d rendering there :/

Print: Brochure-Tafellust]]>,3
Gallery: Forst Industry
Equipment used:

EOS 40D, 50mm, 28mm + Polarizer Filter, 10mm Wide Angle from sint, 70-300mm

Photography: Forst
Gallery: Herbst07
Equipment used:
EOS 40D, 50mm, 28mm + Polarizer Filter, 10mm Wide Angle from sint

Photography: Branitz]]>,1