The Homepage


While being a comparatively small local newspaper, the Lausitzer Rundschau is one of the first newspaper websites that is using HTML5 semantics and CSS3 features. They publish up to 500 new articles online, on a daily basis. Redesigning was by far the most extensive project i've ever done. Writing more then 10000 lines of html, css and javascript code spread out to nearly 500 templates for the fidion CMS.

The website is designed with a fluid/responsive layout. So the page adjusts it's width and other properties to fit the whole screen depending on which device you are using. Althought there are some issues with externally deliverred advertisements which we cannot process with the current state of technology. Thats also the reason the page is not w3c valid :(

Please check the live page to see everything in action:

  • The Homepage
  • An article surrounded by a wallpaper ad
  • Overview page surrounded by a wallpaper ad
  • Typographic Detail
  • Comment System
  • Elements used in the secondary navigation
  • An article group
  • The multimedia center