Japanese Bonsai Garden in Ferch

Just a few minutes outside of Berlin, in a little town called Ferch you stumble upon this unique gem which combines traditional Japanese Bonsai with modern gardeneing technique

Published: 22.06.2018 01:35

Blogging plattform for our transsib trip

I am currently working on a blogging plattform based on drupal for my next years trip from Moscow to Peking on the Transsiberean.

Published: 22.06.2018 00:37

TreeSpark Logo Design

This Logo was developed for my tiny webdesign company named treeSpark. The symbol used is supposed to be tree crown which is struck by a bolt of lightning.

Published: 22.06.2018 00:31

Landingpage for Ingenieurbüro Thierfelder

ibt-thierfelder.de is the online presence for a local engineering company. I went for a fairly minimal design and put most work into the typography and readability.

Published: 22.06.2018 00:27

LR-Online Redesign

The website is designed with a fluid/responsive layout. So the page adjusts it's width and other properties to fit the whole screen depending on which device you are using.

Published: 21.06.2018 23:15

Vacation to Thailand

I visited Thailand - the land of smiles. We started in Bangkok for a few days. Flew to Surat Thani to Ko Samui and to Ko Pangan

Published: 21.06.2018 23:03

Trip to Hamburg

I found some time to roam around in Hamburg and take some night shoots, eat labskaus and enjoy the stiff breeze in the harbour.

Published: 21.06.2018 22:54

Japanese Kitchen Knifes - Chop Suey!

I got a set of those japanese kitchen knifes and before I was going to use them (and mess them up) I had to take some pictures :) They actually turned out to be really photogenic.

Published: 21.06.2018 22:49

Trip to London

Finally finished editing the vast amount of photos from my weekends trip to London, which is an absolutely amazing city! Full of pulsating live and diverse culture.

Published: 21.06.2018 21:59

Ein Kubanischer Strand

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Published: 16.06.2018 13:46

Masamoto VG 5021 Gyuto

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Published: 16.06.2018 10:53